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Tips for using Ride Sharing Services
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Posted June 1, 2017
1. Take advantage of the many services offered
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Ride-sharing services have evolved greatly over the years and there are many different types of vehicles a person can request, depending on the company and city. The bigger the city, the more options you have. These options include luxury cars, bigger vehicles to fit more people, a classic taxi and a few others. Some cities and services even offer wheelchair accessible cars. Also, some services allow you to schedule on short notice rides to and from the airport a week or two in advance. If you have a flight leaving the airport you can still schedule, but it will cost a little extra.
2. Schedule your ride efficiently
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Some ride-sharing companies charge higher rates during rush hour and other busy times. To help keep costs down, schedule a ride in advance. If the price is jumping at random times when you check during the day, try to wait five minutes to see if it continues. Most likely, the cost will go down and you can order your ride. There are websites and apps that inform you of a surge or higher-priced zone, so you can walk a couple of blocks away from the zone to save money on your ride.
3. Split your ride with friends or strangers
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Another way to save money using these services is to split your ride. Splitting the ride with friends on the app is easy and cashless. It is easier if all of your friends have the same app or are using the same company. Also, some services let you share a ride with strangers. Sharing a ride with strangers may seem uncomfortable, but it can make a long ride cheaper, and you have an opportunity to meet someone new. Maybe that stranger is going to the same event as you, and you can meet a new acquaintance!
4. Respect your driver
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There are other reasons to respect your driver. This is his other job and a valuable one. For many drivers, it is their second or third job and like all of us, they are trying to make ends meet. Everyone likes to be respected at their places of work and drivers are no different.  Also, these services have riders rate their drivers, companies also require drivers to rate their passengers! If you have a bad rating, drivers will be less willing to pick you up. There’s also a financial aspect to respecting your driver. When you use these services, you are responsible for damages to the driver’s car. If you leave a mess in their car, they can and will charge you cleaning fees.
5. Be aware of payment method
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These services do not require cash, which can be convenient. But, be aware of your credit or debit card that is connected to the service. If your card is declined or you canceled it before your ride, you can be charged two to three times the original cost in penalties. Some services discourage tipping drivers, but others have it built in to your charge. It is wise to check your payment method before every ride, and it’s usually easy to change the card number in your account.
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