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Applying for Jobs while in College
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Posted September 27, 2016
Submitting applications is a job in itself. It takes time, energy, and requires a lot of research. Not only do you want to research the company you’re interested in, you want to make sure your resume is in order and your cover letter appeals to the employer. If the application requires you to fill out a questionnaire, that’s even more time you have to invest into the process, and that’s just for one job.

As a full-time college student, how do you manage to find time to apply for jobs amid studying, classes, socializing, and sleeping? These suggestions might help:
Do a little bit at a time
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As mentioned, applying for jobs is a lot of work and can add stress to your life. Instead of trying to do it all at once, do a little bit at a time. When you’re first starting out, try applying for one or two jobs per week. As the end of the school year nears, you can increase the amount. If you find that applying for one or two jobs isn’t enough and you have time for more, go for it!
Narrow your search
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Sometimes, it helps to look specifically for the job title you desire. Typing in something generic to an online search engine can be useful. But, depending on your degree, a broad search doesn’t always help. Try getting specific with the job title and the field you are pursuing. You can even look in the city where you want to live.
Stay positive
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It’s not always what we want to hear, but sometimes the answer is “no.” While disappointing, try your best to not let it get you down. When one door closes, another one opens. You might not have landed the job you applied for, but that doesn’t mean something better won’t come along. Realize that for every 10 applications you send out, you may only get one positive response. Don’t get discouraged each time you get a rejection. There are a lot of opportunities out there, so keep trying!
Keep track of each application
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Whether you choose a spreadsheet or go the old-fashioned route with a binder, use an organization method that helps you to keep track of every application you send. Try organizing the applications by job title, including location, company name, if the application has been sent, and any responses.
Keep applying
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It doesn’t hurt to keep applying. If you end up not getting the job offer from an interview, you will still have other applications out there. While the process takes a while, don’t lose hope and don’t give up. Eventually, you will land your first job!
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