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Grocery Shopping on a Budget
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Posted December 13, 2022
Grocery shopping is something we all do. It may seem as though groceries have become increasingly more expensive over time, but there are still many ways for us shoppers to save.
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A large reason our grocery shopping tends to be expensive is because we shop the popular brands. While it is understandable to want certain brand name items, everything doesn’t need to be. The price difference between a popular brand and generic brand could be anywhere between $1-5. This is just one of the reasons grocery expenses are so high, but there are many ways to cut down on the amount of money spent grocery shopping.

An old trick to being a disciplined shopper is to make a complete list before you walk into the grocery store. This allows you to go into the store and grab exactly what you need. Some downfalls to writing a list is that it is easy to forget something, which can lead to buying more than you intended. If you’re a traditional shopper a great tip is to not only look at eye level products, but to not shy away from looking at the lower and higher shelves because you could be missing out on deals and great prices. You will also want to stay away from grocery shopping while hungry.

Ordering curbside or having your groceries delivered is a way to save money because you are able to see the prices of items as you add them to your cart and the deals can be easier to locate online. This is beneficial because this allows you to set a real grocery budget and will allow you to find alternatives that you might not have thought about if you were in-store shopping.

Grocery shopping is a major expense in our budget; it is worth trying new ways to shop to help minimize the cost that you’re incurring.
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