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Saving Money on Utilities and Avoiding
Scams This Winter
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Jessica (She/Her)
Financial Educator
Posted December 8, 2022
As temperatures start to drop and the winter months approach, we know it costs a little more to keep our homes cozy and warm. The downside to that is scammers know that as well. Utility scams can be very common with weather changes. In the article, I will share tips on how to prepare your home to be energy efficient this winter and keep you from falling victim to utility scams.
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Conduct a Home Energy Audit
A home energy audit can help you understand your home’s energy use, where your home may be inefficient, and any fixes needed to make your home more energy efficient. A great resource on how to conduct your own home energy audit can be found at:
Seal Any Air Leaks
Check around all of the windows and doors in your home for air leaks. Once you have identified any air leaks, work on sealing those up.  This way you can keep the cold winter air out and keep the warm heat inside of your home.
Conserve Energy
While you are sleeping at night or away from your home during the day, it may be a good idea to turn down your thermostat a few degrees to conserve energy. That way your furnace isn’t working overtime while you are not home.
Avoid Utility Scams
If you receive any calls telling you that you are behind on your utility bills and you need to pay them right away via gift card or via wiring funds, or that you have overpaid your utility bill and they need to confirm your personal information to process your refund, stop and call your utility company as that could be a scam.
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