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New Podcast Episode: Financial Check Up
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Jessica (She/Her)
Financial Educator
Posted March 16, 2022
Many of us are familiar with a mental health day, but not many have considered the importance of a Financial Check Up day. Having a day dedicated solely to your finances empowers you financially and reduces your financial stress. In this episode podcast hosts, Amanda and Jessica, share ideas on how to conduct your very own financial wellness day.

Some things to consider in preparing for your own financial wellness day include gathering all of your expenses, going through debts, creating a plan to pay debts down, increase savings, and spending your money on things that make you happy. Check out the newest episode of Wallet Watch’s Season 7 and schedule your financial wellness day.
Featured Quotes:
“I think being able to create a day where finances are your focus, and you are creating those spending plans, looking at where the spending is going, looking at your savings plans, creating the goals that you want to pay that debt off; ultimately I believe that can help people feel more empowered with their finances.” - Amanda Conn

“You can’t just do this (Financial Check up Day) one day and think it’s going to be the magic switch. It definitely takes follow up, I think that is with any spending plan or budget. We can’t build this beautiful spending plan, scale back on our expenses, check out our credit card debt and work on paying that off. We can’t do all of that one time and expect that, that is going to be it. Follow up is so important.” - Jessica Rubio
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