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Benefits of Having a Routine
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Josh (He/Him)
Financial Education Intern
Posted January 13, 2022
Going into the spring semester, our schedules are new, our sleep patterns are all over the place, but it is time to refocus. A study conducted by Noria Corporation found that 48.4% of college students say they don’t have enough time to do their course work. Implementing a daily routine can be beneficial in numerous ways as a student.

Following a daily schedule can help with organization and build structure. Continuously following your plan can help you develop healthy habits and discipline. Incorporating a sleep schedule everyday can generate healthy sleep patterns, which can lead to increased energy to attack the day efficiently.

Having a routine can help you utilize each moment in the day, which in return can create time to do things we want while meeting our daily responsibilities. Practicing your routine and maximizing your time can help to decrease stress because you’ll be prepared. You won’t have to wonder what comes up next or worry that you may not have enough time to meet your goals.

Additionally, you can incorporate a budget and a bill schedule to prevent financial chaos. When your days are hectic, you may have to spend money to eat out because the day got away from you. Having time in your routine to make sure you eat can cut down cost and help practice healthy eating habits.
Tips for developing a routine
     - Set goals
     - Layout plan/structure your day
     - Be consistent with time
     - Be prepared
     - Schedule in time for flexibility
     - Test and critique routine
     - Reward yourself
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