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Ways to Stay Motivated in College
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Posted October 6, 2020
Around this time of year, it can be difficult to stay motivated. Classes might feel a little more justifiable to skip and homework a little less urgent, but you can fight the urge to fall into this hole. Here a few ways to stay motivated.
Make a vision board
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A vision board is a masterpiece you create with images, quotes, and anything else that represents your goals and what you want for your future. Having a fun visual to look at when you don’t feel as motivated can help you remember what you’re working so hard for. Creating a vision board is also a nice creative break from all your responsibilities. There is no right or wrong way to make one because it’s about whatever motivates you. You don’t have to stick to educational or professional goals; put a dream vacation you could be saving for, your dream car, or anything that makes you happy to look at.
Find an accountability buddy
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Sometimes when we make ourselves a promise, it is easy to break it. We make excuses and reasons to push off responsibilities and goals. Finding someone to hold you accountable who will make sure your tasks get finished could encourage you to get it done. This could be a friend, roommate, or classmate who has similar responsibilities or goals as you. Check in with each other and set deadlines for each other. Even though it’s easy to break a promise to yourself, it’s more difficult to let somebody else down.
Change up your routine
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The same old schedule can start to get old. Class, work, exercise, homework, repeat. Changing it up could make you more excited to get stuff done. If you usually exercise at night, try working out in the morning or do a different workout. If you usually study in your room, try going to a new coffee shop or the library and make an activity out of it.  Even taking a different route to class is a way to change up your routine and motivate you to tackle your to-do list.
Think about your long term goals
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Short terms goals might look something like completing a homework assignment or studying for an exam. Even though these are important, what do your long term goals look like? Why are you studying for this exam? Is your goal to graduate? Graduate with a certain GPA? Maybe land your dream job? Keeping these in mind will make getting your work done about more than just a grade.
Reward yourself
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Your to-do list could seem like an endless hole, but that doesn’t make it very appealing to start on. Everything you complete is a win and deserves a reward. Maybe not an extravagant one, but after hours of studying, reward yourself with one episode of the show you’re watching or a good lunch or dinner. If you’ve been working on a long project and you’re on your last lap, reward yourself with a fancy latte instead of usual homemade coffee. Acknowledge your wins, even the small ones, because feeling that victory will make you want to take on more tasks and relive the feeling.
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