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Tips for Old Textbooks
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Posted August 11, 2020
Most students have likely faced that great dilemma at the end of the semester. Those textbooks, which lightened our wallets and weighed down our backpacks, now sit ready to gather dust. There’s a ton of options students can use to maximize the value of their textbooks, from making confetti to making some money, it’s just a matter of finding out which option serves you best.
Give or sell to another student
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Your fellow students are an excellent resource for taking your unwanted textbooks. Whether you give your books away or you sell them to recoup some cash, your colleagues provide a great market. This is particularly true if the book is still being used by the university. Try selling your books on campus and watch as they disappear!
Sell your books online or at bookstores
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With books warranting a pretty hefty price these days, it makes sense to try and make some of that money back. Luckily, there are used book buyers everywhere who will help you part with it for a little cash. That’s not without some caveats though. For instance, you may have to pay to ship your books and you’re not likely to get the price you paid for them. Also, some books may not be accepted at all, particularly those that are unbound and require a binder, or come bundled with an online portion. Selling is by no means a bad idea, it is just helpful to consider if it’s worth your while.
Donate your books
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If you’re in the giving mood, donating your books is yet another smart option! Donating your book helps keep it out of a landfill and puts it in the hands of someone who will appreciate it. Plus, depending on the charity, you might be eligible for a tax deduction, saving you a little money on the side. Whichever charity you choose, just make sure they accept the textbooks you have before sending them out or dropping them off.
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