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New Podcast Episode: Maximizing the Impact of Your Tax Refund
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DaVante (He/Him)
Certified Financial Education Instructor
Posted April 8, 2020
A new laptop, the latest pair of gym shoes, or that new video console you’ve been looking at? With so many options for what we can spend our refund on, it can be easy to blow through it quickly. Why not consider some ways to capture that extra cash? Certificates, high-yield savings accounts, and Insured Money Management Accounts are a few savings options. Catching up or getting ahead on bills is another great option. With so many considerations, it can seem overwhelming and may be difficult to decide what to purchase or how much to save.

The newest episode of Wallet Watch is all about how to maximize the impact of your tax refund. The hosts talk about paying your future self, saving, and even rewarding yourself for a job well done. They also talk about how to keep yourself accountable and the importance of not signing up for things you can’t afford with your regular budget.

Do you want transcripts for any of our episodes? Email us a request at [email protected] Transcripts offer an excellent way to have a copy of the tips and topics we cover in each episode.
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