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The Law of Attraction: What is it and How can it Help You
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Posted July 11, 2019
Many people have credited their success to the profound theory known as The Law of Attraction. Many well-known, successful people such as Oprah Winfrey have sworn to the existence of the Law of Attraction theory. Law of Attraction states that if you do one thing, then the result you receive is something you should expect. Meaning, if you believe that you won’t achieve your goals in life, then 10 out of 10 times, that is exactly what is going to happen.

This theory states that all the forces of the universe are working in your favor, but will only reflect the same energy you are reflecting, “like attracts like.” Your thoughts and emotions have an effect on your outcomes in life. If you have negative thoughts, then negative things will happen. So, many believe that this theory is the key to their success.

While using this theory, many have seen improvement in all aspects in their lives, such as career, family, love, money, health, and self-love. There is no special trick to this either, all you have to do is follow these easy steps and you’ll be closer to your goal and potentially, your dream life.
Time to analyze
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The best way to start is to truly analyze your relationship to the world around you. Do you honestly believe that you have control over what happens to you? Or, do you believe that things happen TO you, without your control? This is a great way to start because it helps you recognize where you might need improvement. A person who believes that everything is out of their control will have a difficult time adjusting than a person who knows they have control over their destiny.
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This is the time where you realize, what is it that you actually want to achieve? It can be something big like getting a car or something small like acing an exam. The key here, is to actually imagine yourself achieving this goal. Imagine how you are going to achieve it and how you will feel afterwards. Then, go a little further than that and start imaging your life after you’ve achieved this goal and how much of an improvement it will be. This will help prepare you for when you DO accomplish your goal.
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It’s really easy to just say, I’m going to pass the test or get a car, but it takes a lot more than that. One has to actually believe in them self and confidently say that they will. Each day from now on should be met with certainty that everything will come into play if you do the work. Many will find this part difficult, due to their limited belief in their self. This is the perfect time, however, to find true love for oneself and truly believe. You can start by stating that you are deserving, desirable, capable, loveable, and worthy. Overall, you should believe that you are enough to make great things happen. After that, you can confidently state that you will achieve your goals.
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When you do achieve your goal, you must remember that it wasn’t because you activated something, it was because the universe was working with you this whole time. You decided to stop thinking negatively and started to believe in yourself. That is why in the previous steps, believing in yourself is key to becoming successful, and you made it happen.
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