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Tips for Selecting a Major
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Posted May 21, 2019
It’s not a lifetime contract
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An important thing to remember when choosing a major, is that you’re not locking yourself in to this one position. Picking a major is important, but don’t worry about what you might be doing in 10 to 15 years from now. Focus on what you’re passionate about in this moment. The average person changes jobs 10-15 times in their lifetime. There are many different routes of education you can take after undergrad if you want to change your specialization after graduation.
Take advice with a grain of salt
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Everyone has advice to give when it comes to getting a degree and which field to choose. Keep in mind that everyone’s advice is based on themselves, their choices, passions, and experiences. Listening to people’s advice can be very helpful, but it doesn’t mean you always have to take it. A major or program that is considered “hard” doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Areas of study that are considered hard for some people may not be as challenging for others. The same thing goes for a field being known as “easy” or “interesting,” it’s not that way for everyone.
Battling, “There’s not a job in that”
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If there is not a job in that, why are they offering it as a major? A lot of times there is other schooling, training, or certificates that you may need to get to qualify for your dream job. However, there are many resources to make a plan. Talk to someone in that position if you can. Many times your professors have connections to people in that field. Even talk to your professor or advisor, they are specialists in the field and how to get there.
Take your own path
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College can feel overwhelming, as there are so many paths you could take. Don’t take a path because someone else took it. Whether it is familiar because it’s the field your parents or siblings are in or because all your friends are taking it, take your own path. Everyone is good at different things and have different skills. Take the path where your skills and passions line up. When going into college, most majors have to take the same prerequisites, taking some of those with your friends could help you start your college network and figure out college structure before going off on your own.
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