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Beware of Robocalls
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Posted May 7, 2019
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Robocalls were originally created to send out automated messages and were mostly used by telemarketers and political parties. Now, the majority of robocalls are from scammers who pretend to be telemarketers, tax collectors, charities, or people. With advancing technology, scammers are able to use spoofing. Spoofing is when a scammer changes the location of their call and even make it look like you’re calling yourself.  Yes, you can register your phone to the “Do Not Call List” to stop receiving telemarketer calls, but what can you do to stop robocalls?
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Phone companies have created apps and spam filters as a response to the increasing number of robocalls. These apps include auto-blocking, alerts about suspicious calls, caller identification, and even voice assistants to answer suspicious calls. While some apps are free, others do require you to pay per line. Not all apps include these features above, but might offer one or two. You only have access to the apps that your phone carrier provides.
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Companies have also taken initiative to create a tool that can help stop spoofing. These companies have collaborated to create the “Stir/Shaken” tool. In order to filter out spoofing attempts, this tool will help verify all caller ID’s and make them interchangeable within these companies. So, if you call someone with your phone, the other person is able to see who is calling, even if they have a different phone carrier.
What can you do?

- Don’t answer any calls from numbers you don’t know. If you do, the scammers will know that you have an active number and continue calling.

- If you do answer, make sure you avoid answering any of their questions, especially those that require a “yes.”

- Don’t give out any sensitive information.

- If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a part of a government agency, your bank, or any type of company, hang up. Call your financial institution or look up the official number of these agencies. You can then tell them about your call and see for yourself if it was real or fake.

- Talk to your phone carrier and see if they offer any apps or plans that offer auto-blocking.

- You can register your number on the “Do Not Call List.” This way, official telemarketers know not to call you.

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