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How to Handle Stress
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Posted February 5, 2019
Life can be so hectic that stress is inevitable, especially towards the end of a semester. Getting your to-do list finished efficiently means being fully focused and handling stress as best as you can. Here are a few things you can do to stay on your game and not let stress get the best of you.
Take a walk
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Exercise is very good for helping stress. When there’s a lot bottling up, get up and go for a walk. A good time to fit this in is walking to class rather than driving. Having some fresh air and looking at the scenery around you can relax your mind and help you get refocused. Changing scenery by taking a different route and looking around outside may even put things in perspective, making things not look as bad as they are. Take this time to focus on your breathing, decide if music helps relieve what’s on your mind, or if the noises of nature do.
Call family or a friend
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Most of the time, a stressful situation becomes more stressful the more you think about it. It’s very helpful to talk it out by calling a family member or friend. Talking about what is stressing you out may help you put everything in perspective, and things that seem like a huge deal might not be as big as they seem. Your friends and family can give you advice and it can also be a good distraction while you regain your focus. A good laugh is often a good stress reliever, too.
Take a break
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All your responsibilities will still be there when you come back to them. The things that will change after a break is your focus, your mood, and a better approach to tasks after taking a step back. Watch an episode of a show that makes you happy or read a good book that will take your mind off of your responsibilities. Even taking a nap will change your mood and allow you to restart with a fresh mind. Make room for breaks in your schedule and actually write it down, because it will help you tackle your responsibilities the best way you can.
Write a list
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When all your upcoming events, exams, and projects are swirling around your head it can be too much to handle and may stress you out. Putting all your obligations down on paper will help you visualize what actually has to be done. Write everything down in order, that way you can see what things are priorities and what things you can wait on for now. It is also easier to focus with a clear head. Even if it’s not a crazy time, always keep some short-term and long-term goals written down to remember that all your hard work is going towards something bigger.
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