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Eating Out vs. Cooking at Home
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Posted January 31, 2019
We all have those days. We get out of class or work, and we just want to eat and relax or maybe you just finished cleaning the kitchen and the last thing you want to do is make a mess again by preparing a meal. However, you are hungry and have to decide what you are going to eat. The easy thing to do is order food. With food delivery services, it is even easier to order from some of your favorite restaurants. But of your options, what is the faster, cheaper, and healthier thing to do?
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Dining out is always nice, with no mess and no hassle. But it will certainly put a dent in your wallet. According to, feeding a family of four averages about $56 with tip. Cooking and prepping a similar meal at home averages $25. But, what if you are just eating for one? The same source shows that a basic chicken meal could run almost $14 at a restaurant while it would only cost $6 to make at home. This example is with already having some of the ingredients you would need at home.
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What about healthier options? According to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research, those who cook at home consume fewer carbohydrates, less sugar, and less fat. This is without even trying to eat healthy. Think about that, you know exactly what you are putting into your meal. You know how fresh the ingredients are, and you know how much salt is being added, while saving money.
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For many of us, grocery shopping is not fun. Stores are too packed and lines are too long. If this is how you feel about grocery shopping, it might be time to utilize grocery delivery services! No more excuses for not cooking at home because you did not have time to get groceries. You could use the excuse of being tired when you get home, but think about it, when you go out to eat it is usually a 15-minute wait, and then add in another 10 minutes to order and another 20 for your food to be served. In that time you could have put away your delivery order, prepared healthier food, saved money, and enjoyed your meal in the comfort of your own home. Use that 50% savings for something else you need, to pamper yourself, or to save for the future!
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