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5 Back-to-School Tips
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Posted September 25, 2018
Fall is always a busy time of year. Classes, extracurricular activities, friends, and a job is a lot to handle, but with a few tips it makes it a lot easier to handle. Here are some tips to make this all easier to handle.
Declutter your workspace
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It’s a common thing to go “back-to-school-shopping” in the fall when classes start. Before going out and buying new things, it’s a good idea to go through what you have and what you will reuse. Notebooks that only have a few used pages can still be used, for example. Instead of going out and buying a whole new set of writing utensils, check the pens and highlighters from prior years to see which can still be used and which can be thrown away. Decluttering also makes an organized and more attractive work space, which could motivate you to study.
Getting a planner ready
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One of the biggest tips for success is planning ahead. When juggling so many things, it’s very helpful to get a planner or update the calendar on your computer or cell phone. Marking breaks from school, football games, any meetings, or gatherings you have planned for the year will give a visual of how much study time and free time is available. When the syllabus comes out for classes, be sure to mark important due dates and exam dates. By having this written down, time-management is much easier. If there's a busy week with a lot of school work, maybe start in advance or adjust your work schedule for that week.
Online textbooks
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When the syllabus comes out for classes, it usually has textbooks that are needed for the class. Getting a physical textbook has its perks but online textbooks are cheaper and more convenient. They are accessible anywhere such as during the commute to class, while waiting for the bus, during a five minute coffee break, and so on. There's no stress about losing it, breaking it, forgetting it somewhere or worrying about turning it in on time. Eliminating this stress leaves more energy to focus on other things.
Schedule a de-stressor
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After scheduling classes, study times, exam days, and everything else that comes up, it’s important to set aside time for some de-stressors. Having a free night once a week or taking a few hours a day to watch T.V., call a friend, or taking a walk can help give your mind a break so that you can keep focused on the important stuff when needed. These times might also be used to catch up on important things you might've ran out of time to do, like studying or sending an important email.
Visualize the end result
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Before the year starts, keep in mind how you want it to end. Take a second to think of a few goals. They could be about grades, being healthier, and more. Keeping these goals in mind throughout the year, and getting a head start in the beginning, will make it easier to reach those goals at the end of the year or semester. It’s also a good way to practice thinking ahead.
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