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How to Wake-up Early
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Posted August 2, 2018
Do you always tell yourself that this is the day you’ll wake up early and be a productive person, but end up hitting the snooze button on your phone five times before actually getting up? Are you the type of person who just lays in bed staring at the ceiling for hours, trying to prepare yourself for the day ahead? Many successful people such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, claim waking up earlier than everyone else is one of the reasons behind their success- have you ever heard of the saying “the early bird gets the worm?” If you want to change your habits, here are some tricks to help wake-up early and start your journey to becoming a successful person.
Plan the night ahead
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In the early stages of trying to adjust to your new lifestyle, don’t expect your body to give in so easily. Waking up earlier will make your mind fuzzy and unable to process things as fast. It’s best to have everything planned out the night before so you don’t waste time in the morning trying to figure out what to do while in a daze. That means planning out your outfit, your breakfast, and preparing your lunch. Pack your bag with all of the necessary items you need and plan out all your tasks that need to be done before you walk out that door in the morning. If done correctly, you’ll waste no time in doing your morning routine, and since you’ll have everything planned out, you’ll give your brain a chance to wake up gradually while you’re going through the motions.
Get an actual alarm clock
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Due to our present day lifestyle, we tend to be very dependent on our phones and use them for many things, like setting our alarms. Doing this makes it very tempting for us to hit the snooze button on our phones every morning (even though an extra five minutes won’t really make much of a difference). Instead, a great idea would be to invest in an old-fashion alarm clock. Using an alarm clock instead of a phone can help decrease the chances of hitting the snooze button, as well as help make you more independent from your device. Try to also have it set up across your room or anywhere that forces you to get up to turn it off. This is going to help you get your day started because you’ll be literally forced to get up and start the day. If you don’t have access to an alarm clock, you can still use your phone but use the same method of placing it far away from you every night.
Sleep early
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This one is a no-brainer but might also be considered the most difficult. That’s because to a lot of us, our lifestyles are so hectic that it might seem impossible to go to sleep early. But, don’t be discouraged! Plan out your day and make sure you stick to it and finish all of your tasks within a certain time. Doing this along with staying dedicated can help you save time to go to bed early. Even if you just get an extra hour, that’s great! This will allow you to wake up earlier and have a productive day, giving you more time to yourself later on in the day and more time to sleep.
Get up!
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So now that you’ve taken initiative to prepare yourself, it’s now time to actually get up! Be prepared to make mistakes in your journey for a better you, because like any bad habit it’s going to be difficult to break. But as long as you keep at it and learn from your mistakes, you’ll be able to wake up and become more successful.
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