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Juggling Your Time
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Posted August 1, 2018
Trying to juggle your time between friends, work, and school can be a challenge. Before you get stressed out and end up ripping out your hair, try these time management tools. Create a calendar for yourself, communicate your busy schedule with your friends and employer, and most importantly, make time for yourself.
Keep a calendar
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Having multiple tasks due at once can be overwhelming; but, if you keep a calendar, you will be able to organize things more clearly. Trying to memorize all of your events and assignments may result in you forgetting something that could be extremely important. There are several calendar apps that allow you to set reminders, color code your tasks, and add special notes. Color coding your calendar might help to organize your tasks, which can help you sort by the level of importance. You can add special notes like whether the attire is business casual or professional. Having a reminder set for thirty minutes prior to the task will remind you of the important details.
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Many students have a fear of missing out on social activities and don’t feel comfortable telling their friends that they can’t hang out due to homework. If you struggle with this, try communicating with your friends in advance. Your friends will always be there, but the due date will come up faster than expected. Your friends may feel the exact same way and may change their plans to a study date in the library. Don’t forget to also communicate with your employer as well. Many employers would rather you ask for fewer hours during your busier weeks than have you burn out trying to be a power house. When you go to work stressed out, you are unable to perform at your best and your employers will notice. Remember, you’re not quitting, just asking for fewer hours.
Set aside time for yourself
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Every now and then, you need a day to binge watch your favorite show with a tub of ice cream or some popcorn. Set aside a couple hours or even a day to allow your brain to reset. When you’re stressed you’ll lose all of your creative juices. Take time for yourself to refresh and do something that makes you happy. When you come back, you might notice some errors in your assignment that you may not otherwise have. Having a break allows us to return with a new mindset. Remember, me time is a reward and you deserve it. 
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