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4 Great Things About Credit Cards
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Posted September 17, 2015
1. It builds your credit
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Building credit is not only important, but essential for your future. By getting a credit card and paying it off every month, your credit will begin to blossom. This will be extremely helpful in the future when applying for apartments, car loans, or possibly even jobs. It shows you are a responsible and resourceful college student.
2. It can help in emergencies
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Credit cards can be extremely helpful in emergency situations, but it should never serve solely as an emergency fund. Sometimes when money is needed quickly, it isn’t directly accessible. A credit card will provide much-needed relief in a high-stress situation.
3. It teaches financial responsibility
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If you use a credit card wisely and pay it off every month, it will create positive financial habits for larger future purchases like a car or house. Teaching yourself to be responsible with a credit card can be challenging, but it is one of the most important financial lessons you will ever learn.
4. It creates convenience and security
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Credit cards have strong protection against fraud and this is especially helpful if you plan to study abroad. If you were to lose your wallet, your cash is gone. However, with a credit card, it is easy to call and report it as lost to avoid any unauthorized charges that may occur. This will keep you and your accounts safe and secure.
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