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5 Ways to Save Money While in School
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Posted July 3, 2015
1. Ride a bike.
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It’ll save you money and save the environment. Double win!
2. Make coffee at home.
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It might taste delicious, but that morning espresso is draining your checking account. Buy coffee from the store and treat yourself once in a while with all the extra cash you’ll save.
3. Find free entertainment.
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Campuses offer all sorts of free concerts, movies, and events. Check those out before buying tickets to the next big concert.
4. Ditch the gym and the membership fees.
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We don’t mean ditch it for the couch. You can still get a workout in the great outdoors.
5. Cook at home.
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Going out to eat is easy on your kitchen clean-up and rough on your budget. Get to the grocery store, and cook at home.
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