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4 Ways to Save Money
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Posted March 27, 2018
Dream jar
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Saving up for a specific goal can be a challenge. A good way to save up for something specific is to have a jar dedicated to one thing. Whether it’s a trip to Paris, a new phone or new shoes, decorating a jar with a goal, and putting it in a visible place is a constant reminder to keep saving.
The extra change
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Change makes any wallet, purse, or coat pocket heavy, and can sometimes seem worthless. However, a few dimes, nickels, and quarters a day can end up being a significant amount of money over time. Keeping a jar to keep the extra coins from the day can help you save overtime without even realizing.
Credit and debit card rounding
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Did you know you can round your purchases to an even dollar and put the extra change into a savings account? Every time a transaction comes out to an odd cents amount, which happens often, rounding it up will usually not make much difference. For example, the Friday night meal that costs $13.70 is like spending $14.00, so put the extra $0.30 into savings.
Bad habit collection
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We all have bad habits we are trying to quit. The best way to stick to a goal of breaking a bad habit is knowing that if you quit, you’ll have to pay, literally! If every time you missed the gym, skipped a study day, or didn’t stick to any goal you set for yourself, drop a dollar or a few coins into a jar. Not only is it growing your savings, but it’s a helpful way to kill those bad habits!
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