Financial Innovation & Education Center Opens its Doors Internships Shaping Future of Greater Lansing Community
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MSUFCU has a new location across the street from the Michigan State University campus in the heart of downtown East Lansing. The Financial Innovation & Education Center (FIEC), located at 309 E. Grand River Avenue, recruits and trains future employees of the greater-Lansing community.
While it is a new Credit Union building, the FIEC is not a branch location (though there is an ATM available outside of the building). The space has been created to house both the Financial Education and Member Relations departments as well as an inaugural group of 24 interns who will get experience in both departments. Those 24 interns will help maintain and create content for the Financial 4.0 app and website, which is run by the Financial Education department, while gaining experience with the Member Relations team by providing excellent member service through outbound calls to members.
Financial Education and Member Relations employees officially moved into the FIEC the week of April 25 and the grand opening was held on Tuesday, April 26. Interns started with the Credit Union on May 16 to begin training and will move into the FIEC on Friday, May 27.
“The FIEC gives the Credit Union more exposure to MSU and the surrounding communities, making our career opportunities more visible, and it allows us to recruit and retain the very best interns and full-time employees to help the Credit Union continue to be successful,” said MSUFCU Vice President of Sales and Financial Education Whitney Anderson-Harrell. “We are excited to now be working out of the FIEC office. It’s a beautiful space that serves as the perfect setting for an educational working experience and it will allow our current and future staff to have significant growth in their careers.”
The FIEC was created to offer professional internships, lasting anywhere from one semester to as long as four years, for students at Michigan State University and other mid-Michigan colleges. The current group has one from Albion College, two from Northwood University, and the rest from MSU. Our internships will fully immerse these students in our innovative culture, where they can advance their skills and knowledge while gaining hands-on business experience, keeping their individual career goals and interest in mind. The Credit Union’s goal is that all of our interns gain full-time employment beyond graduation, and possibly stay on with MSUFCU.
MSUFCU doesn’t require interns to have a finance background. Outside of the FIEC, there are a plethora of internship opportunities spanning different majors in other departments, such as Marketing, Accounting, Internal Audit, Communications, Community Relations, Human Resources, and more.
“We will continue to recruit interns for the entire organization, though we anticipate all will get their start working in the FIEC with the Financial Education and Member Relations departments,” Anderson-Harrell said. “We will give interns an opportunity to move into other positions based upon their skills, interest, and career goals. By setting up the program this way, it allows the interns a variety of experiences to learn new skills, find new interests, and become well-rounded full-time employees.
“Experience with the Credit Union isn’t limited to just internships. We will also have the opportunity for students to job shadow for shorter periods of time, such as an afternoon, a full day, a week, or even a full summer. So there will be many opportunities for students, freshmen to seniors, to experience and grow at the Credit Union.”
If you or anyone you know is interested in internship opportunities, click the careers link here to find out about openings at the Credit Union.